Implement Seamlessly without AI expertise

No advanced coding-skill required, create your own AI model with just one click

Business Point 1

3 Benefits for Your Enterprise

  • Reduce operational costs by 50% and more

    Reduce operational costs by 50% and more

    A workforce of 100 employees can become 50 with the help of AI
  • Achieve 99% near perfect accuracy

    Achieve 99% near perfect accuracy

    Never doubt results again with AI's extreme precision
  • Automate operational process and create new business opportunities

    Automate operational process and create new business opportunities

    Accomplish tasks that weren't humanly possible before

Business Point 2

Why is ABEJA Platform Different

Code-free platform to enable you build your own AI model without expertise from data scientists or machine learning engineers.

  • Traditional AI Development from IT Vendors

    Traditional AI Development from IT Vendors
    1. Required engineers and specialists to clean and re-structure massive amount of raw data;
    2. Produced unsatisfactory sub-par model accuracy due to lack of expertise;
    3. Costed huge financial investment without delivering actual business return.
  • Our AI Development using ABEJA Platform

    Our AI Development using ABEJA Platform
    1. Create your own AI model using built-in templates from our code-free AI platform.
    2. Maximize model accuracy combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence.
    3. Achieve business result by cost-effective delivery and long-term collaboration.

Business Point 3

Industrial Solutions from ABEJA

We enable enterprises to transform their business using ABEJA AI Technology


  • Cyber Agent
  • mercari
  • FiNC Technologies
  • Topcon
  • Morpho
  • Blue Lab
  • ACES

Developer Point 1

What is ABEJA's Platform Technology?

ABEJA Platform provides a seamless end-to-end solution from the creation of dataset and AI model to producing the highest accruacy result in actual deployment.

Developer Point 2

Unique Features

  • Code-free UI/UX: you can integrate AI into your business without advanced programming knowledge.
  • Human Intelligence: over 100,000 specialists provide AI quality assurance and data annotation service everyday.
  • Flexible Deployment: deploy your solution in cloud servers or on-premise, whichever you prefer.
  • System Stability: our platform system can support the transmission of 70TB of data everyday.
  • Security: ABEJA provides impenetrable security trusted by world leading industrial partners.
  • Customer Service: we are here to support you and provide training to your workforce whenever there is a need.

Developer Point 3

Platform Functions

  • Annotation

    Create and manage training data needed for Supervised Learning with ABEJA's state-of-the-art guidance. The training data created is immediately available for model learning. Additionally, status and result from the learning model is shown on the annotation dashboard, making annotations more efficient.

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  • Data Preparation

    ABEJA provides Jupyter Notebook environment that can be shared by multiple users. Pre-processing of data can be executed by linking with DataLake and external database by SDK and API.

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  • Training

    ABEJA Platform Provides learning environment using GPU / CPU. It is possible to manage training data, hyperparameters, and source code versions using a GUI. By using the template function, it is also easier to develop machine learning models immediately by performing a few clicks.

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  • Deployment

    ABEJA can take into account access load balancing and security. It has the capability to deploy the generated model as a Web API to the cloud or edge device. With the GUI, you can manage the learning models and web APIs, update secure versions with Blue/Green deployment, monitor metrics and logs etc.

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  • Security Management

    Restrict access by source IP addresses. You can divide user rights into 4 types: Admin, Developer, Regular, and Worker. You can also manage the life cycle of machine learning (data hyperparamters, source code, versions of learned models, etc.) to ensure project repeatability and knowledge sharing amongst team members.

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  • We don't have a data scientist or machine learning engineer. Is ABEJA right for us?

    With ABEJA Platform, you need zero engineering resources. You can easily create an AI model with no AI expertise needed.

  • Who on my team would create the annotation or data?

    You can use the ABEJA Platform Annotation function to easily do the annotation yourself. If you prefer, you can also ask us to create for you.

  • Will the results be 100% accurate?

    Using the Human Intelligence mechanism owned by ABEJA, there is possibility that model can reach 100% accuracy.

  • Do you offer specialized analytics or customizable AI model development?

    Yes, we can fulfill these requests for any specialized analytics and/or customized AI models.

  • I don't know where to apply AI to our services. Where should I start?

    We also offer consulting for your business to recommend where to use AI most effectively.

  • Who are your clients?

    We have over 100 clients globally and have been providing more than 200 projects for retail and manufacturing companies.